130 years ago, Royal Copenhagen created the Blue Fluted Half Lace

An iconic design, not only for its time, but for generations to come. This is our celebration – three stories about heritage, culture and craft. Lean back and listen.

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Blue Fluted Half Lace

In 1888, artistic director Arnold Krog created the Blue Fluted Half Lace.

With its elegant blue decorations, the service is a lighter version of the elaborately pierced Full Lace. Over the past 130 years it has proven to be an iconic and truly timeless design.

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A new chapter in the Lace story


90 years after the Blue Fluted Half Lace, the time came to write a new chapter of the Lace story.

Without forgetting our roots, we wanted to create a contemporary classic. The result was Princess. Arnold Krog’s shape and blue lace border, but with no other decoration. A soft, romantic expression.

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The subtle canvas

White Fluted Half Lace

The White Fluted Half Lace is the minimalistic counterpart to its blue sibling.

Separating it completely from all decorations adds different, yet very familiar, character to the porcelain. It is both a clean, white canvas and an elegant echo of the past.

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Celebrate heritage

We have created an exclusive selection of high handle mugs to celebrate the Lace Anniversary. Make the Royal Copenhagen heritage part of your heritage.

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